3 weight loss myths busted

There are many common weight loss myths that people live by and it is difficult at times to separate the weight loss myths and the truth. Many sound true while others are just ludicrous. The myths can go as far as if you drink water at night that you are going to gain weight.

Myth # 1

The more weight that I have to lose the more intense my exercise routine should be

Truth: Although following an intense workout routine is great, there are a few things you should consider: the first being that everyone is at a different level when it comes to their fitness and how much intensity they can actually handle. If you have not been that physically active for long, an intense work out for you might be, walking half a mile a day. After you walk that half mile you notice that you are perspiring profusely and that you are tired. However, for someone who has been physically active for many years, walking half a mile can be done without a drop of sweat. Everyone has a different definition of what ‘intense’ means.

Myth # 2

I can lose weight while eating whatever I want

Fact: This is one of the most common weight loss myths out there. It is illogical to think that your health and weight are going to be in balance if your nutrition consists mainly of twinkies, chips, and doughnuts. Surely you can burn it off by exercising, but most people whose diet consists mainly of junk food, are probably not disciplined enough to stick to a workout routine. There are few who, from the outside, look like they are in good shape, because they are not ‘fat’, but have high cholesterol.

Myth # 3

Skipping meals is a good way to lose weight

Fact: There are numerous studies that show that people who skip breakfast and eat fewer times during the day tend to be a lot heavier than those who have a healthy nutritional breakfast and then eat 4-6 small meals during the day. The reason for this might be the fact that they get hungrier later on in the day, and might have a tendency to overeat when they get the opportunity.

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How to lose weight in a healthy way

When it comes to losing weight there are no magic pills or secret diets that can help you reach your goal. The most common practice is to skip meals, which, in fact, does more harm than any good to your health. Modern day doctors would never recommend fasting, rather it is always advisable to eat healthy and hit the gym to shed those extra pounds. TK Total Fitness helps you do exactly this, in case you want to start a regime in weight loss in Cambridge. For beginners, the following will be good to start with:


Eating less of your favorite greasy, fat-filled food is one of the quickest ways to lose weight. Maintaining a balanced meal chart will ensure you are eating at regular intervals which in turn means you will be eating less because your stomach is never empty.


One of the first changes you can make to your diet when trying to lose weight is to ditch all the junk food you have been eating for long (chips, sodas, peanut butter, pizzas, doughnuts, cookies, brownies, etc.) and start eating more vegetables.

Does this mean you need to be a vegan?. The answer definitely is a ‘no’. However, if you can fill half your plate with vegetables rich in fiber,  you are well on your way to a significant weight loss.


Of the primary reasons for obesity, if not because of a severe health condition, is not so much because of overeating, but more due to no physical exercise. One of the most common excuses for people not hitting the gym is the lack of time on account of a busy schedule. Exercising helps you burn those unwanted calories and it is only in your interest that you engage in a work out regime. The right exercise is the key to sustainable, long-lasting and real weight loss.

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Undeniable Connection between Weight Loss and Gyms

While weight loss is important, it’s time that you stick to the right fitness routine and burn those extra calories. If you are overweight or obese, your health is always at a stake. Developing serious conditions like high blood pressure, cholesterol, irregular heart beat are common factors that can give you trouble throughout your life. So, while you want to get rid of all these hassles, regular exercise is a mandatory step towards a healthy life.

Hitting the gym can be a great idea for your health as it helps in strengthening your heart and allows it to pump more efficiently around your body. Exercising regularly lowers blood pressure and controls cholesterol. Gyms offer other health benefits like stronger bones, good body shape;lower the risk of diabetes and helps you defeat depression.

While you are wondering from where to get started, get help from T K Total Fitness and Performance. The Gym in Cambridge offers effective weight loss programmes that leaves no stone unturned to make you healthy. Not just fat burning, you can also get muscle toning exercises through Bootcamp solutions that are immensely effective for excess body weight. Through cardiovascular workouts, you can improve the overall coordination and balance. At first, it seems challenging but once you get to know the actual Bootcamp solutions, you will improve your confidence for total fitness. It motivates you for a long term benefit and burns those extra calories by doing a favour to your body. So, boost your body for an actual makeover with this amazing solution that stands out from the rest.

Weight Loss through Boot Camping

After all, everyone wants to be fit; when it comes to a point in your life that you are struggling with your weight then all you want is to lose it. Without a strong motivation or support a weight loss journey can make you feel lonely. When you are struggling to keep your weight at a check, positivity, healthy food, and proper exercise can actually help you. Shifting from plus size dresses to medium or small can be a real challenge if you are not aware of all the do’s and don’ts.

If you ever need help and motivation to get fit? Then T K Total Fitness in Cambridge can offer you effective services such as bootcamp programmes and training that helps you to re-gain fitness easily.With the boot camp programme being the most effective muscle shaping programme, you can burn fat fast without any doubt. Moreover, the indoor and group personal training program ensures the fact that you will drop 2 clothes sizes in 8 weeks. Apart from boot camp, you can also prefer the gym which is also a very effective weight loss system. So contact T K Total Fitness for an effective service in helping you lose weight and building confidence.

Top 5 ways to achieve weight loss effectively

When people are trying to lose weight they normally come up with some wacky new craze that helps them shred the pounds, how many times do them crazy diets and exercises work? That’s right they never do! Weight loss is difficult we all know this, but with the right attitude and the right diet and training you will be able to achieve the Weight loss what you want and more importantly keep it off! In this blog, we list the top 5 effective ways which will help you lose weight effectively. Here they are:

It is a proven fact that water helps you lose weight. Drinking water before meals will make sure that the metabolism rate shoots up which helps to burn off calories.

Green tea is touted as an efficient supplement which helps you lose weight. It is said that green tea does contain caffeine to a certain extent but at the same time it also has antioxidants. These antioxidants such as catechins are known to work with caffeine and help in burning fat.

You can opt to join a gym in Cambridge in order to lose weight. Gyms can be of great help to get you back to shape through hard work and dedication.

You can join Bootcamp training programs in order to help you get back to shape. It helps if you work out with a friend or in groups to keep you motivated and have fun. Fun is very important when you are working out because if you are getting bogged down and not enjoying it no more you will quit.

Avoid added sugar in any of your diets as it adds to the body weight. Supplements are also very effective in Weight loss, they help you shed the pounds and help you stay healthy because of the vitamins which are in them.

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5 amazing tips that will help you to achieve fitness

Everyone always dreams of being in the best possible shape and also achieving a really high fitness level. This takes years of hard work and dedication and it is something that a person needs to put 100% effort into. There are tips and tricks that people can use to help them get into shape. 5 amazing tips that will help you to achieve your fitness goals are mentioned below-

• You should create a plan which you will follow so you can always look at your plan to see what exercise you are doing on a specific day.

• You should set yourself a goal and give yourself something to work towards. It is always helpful if you set out to achieve a certain goal and it will help keep your motivated.

• You need to increase the amount of fluid that you take in on a daily basis. Having your body well hydrated will allow you to lose weight and get back in shape faster.

• Make sure you are prepared to give up some of the treats and start a diet that will help you achieve your goals.

• If you have opted for membership at any of the gyms in Cambridge then make the most out of the equipment available.

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Weight loss v/s Fat loss- which one is correct!

It is one of the most trending topics around the industry and every person is willing to choose for weight loss programmes so that they can look slim and fit. There are a lot of fitness agencies that are marketing themselves as weight loss agents and people are choosing them drastically! The entire approach is inaccurate and needs a simple correction. What people want is basically to lose their fat rather than weight.

What does weight loss mean?

Weight loss is basically when you lose muscle, fat and water from your body.Weight loss can also make people feel weak. Choosing weight loss programs will lead you to lose out on muscles and a lot of water from the body rather than fat.

What does Fat loss mean?

Fat loss is referred to as the loss of stored body fats. It helps in maintaining the presence of excess fats in the body. It is essential that the muscles in your body are in a perfect structure. Excess fats also lead to various serious health hazards. With fat loss, you ensure that the muscles are not lost.

Rather than joining gyms, it is recommended that you choose for strength training programs such as Bootcamp training to gain fitness as well as loss out on the excess fat. TK total fitness is the perfect solution for such needs in Cambridge and we have expert fitness trainers who shall train you until you meet your preference of your body! Join us now to get a better and fitter body shape right away!

Get fit, super quick- Bootcamp training

Do you want to get fit real quick? You could workout properly on a regime to attain fitness and it shall take a long time to bear fruits. However, opting for a Bootcamp Cambridge shall ensure that you become fit faster and get the desired results in a quicker duration. Getting into a Bootcamp with likeminded people who are aiming the same goal as yours is beneficial and has better results. Some of the major benefits of Bootcamp training are listed below-

• Bootcamp training is a team game. You work out with people who constantly do it as a team and push each other harder to achieve the goal faster. You can always pursue at your own speed but the folks in your team shall constantly keep you motivated to achieve the target.

• Such training session are held out doors and hence they are great for health. Working out inside a gym has its benefits but it can never be compared to the workout that is done out in the open air and in a field.

• You achieve effective weight loss In Cambridge with such physical training as they are headed by trainers who have proper knowledge of the process and constantly guide you to achieve goals such as weight loss.

• You can also practice Bootcamp training in your house or at the workplace. It needs no machines or dumbbells and proper free hand exercises regime is sufficient. If you are looking for such Bootcamps then TK Total Fitness is your one stop solution.

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What are the benefits of a Boot camp?

Are you looking for an effective weight loss, fat burning programme in Cambridge? T K Total fitness can give you just that, our exclusive Bootcamp in Cambridge can help you get the body you have been training so hard for. Our training programs are so effective that we can guarantee that you will drop 2 dress sizes and/or 2 stone in 8 weeks (12 stone or a size 12 and over) or receive 100% of your money back.

Using our proven training system XR-2.5 – Cambridge Bootcamp – ‘Feel Fit Camp’ is guaranteed to give you the fastest, most effective, fat loss and toning results possible.

We understand that you can sometimes get unstuck and disinterested in training if it is the same repetitive training with hardly or no results to go with it. That is why we created this Bootcamp, you will feel the burn from your first session, and it will improve your cardiovascular fitness and muscular strength from the get-go as well as putting the fun back into your training.

The group that we have at the Bootcampwill help keep you motivated through the hard times. They are all likeminded and are working towards the same goal as you so you will have their full backing and support.

The different services that this boot camp provides are-
• Weight loss
• Fitness programs
• Boot camps
• Gym services

At T K Total fitness, we never recommend you do too much strenuous exercise. We understand that you dream of getting into shape,which makes you want to train hard and often as possible. But we believe rest, enjoyment and training little but hard is the correct way as you will be less at risk from injury and you will enjoy it more.
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Boot camp exercise workouts, the perfect alternative for going to the gym.

Boot camp workouts can vary but generally include a fairly intense mix of strength training and aerobic elements. One boot camp workout might stress calisthenics while another stresses military-style drills.

In most cases, you can expect to do calisthenics, such as pull-ups, push-ups, lunges, and crunches, as well as drills and sprints. In essence, a boot camp workout is a type of interval training — bursts of intense activity alternated with intervals of lighter activity. If this sounds beneficial to yourself then you should check out TK Total Fitness, the place for boot camps and weight loss in Cambridge.

Boot camps have become more and more popular over the years. It has gained huge popularity because it is a low-cost, challenging and is an efficient workout. Boot camp includes exercises that are intended to work the whole body. This practice is considered as unique because it customarily involves total body functional training.You must know how fitness Bootcamp can assist you to achieve your health goals whether you’re a man or woman.This process is likely to be the most effective weight loss workout. Our Boot Camps in Cambridge are sure to get your heart pumping and will make sure you shed the pounds.

What are the benefits of a boot camp workout?
The goal of a fitness boot camp is to provide a whole-body workout that builds strength and endurance. Boot camp workouts also attract many people because of they:
• Offer a more challenging and varied workout
• Require little or no special equipment
• Create a sense of camaraderie among the participants

The most important fact related to boot camp exercises is time management. This is one of the most considering factors because it helps busy people save time and burn those extra calories.While other workout practices take a longer time to burn the same amount of calories. This is also known as High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

So people intending to lose weight should check out our boot camp fitness center, TK Total Fitness, situated in Cambridge. Because a professional fitness trainer can help you provide necessary advice and training regarding workouts. If you need to lose weight, burning extra fat or need muscle toning training, try considering a one-stop solution that can ensure you to get the most effective health results.