What are the benefits of a Boot camp?

Are you looking for an effective weight loss, fat burning programme in Cambridge? T K Total fitness can give you just that, our exclusive Bootcamp in Cambridge can help you get the body you have been training so hard for. Our training programs are so effective that we can guarantee that you will drop 2 dress sizes and/or 2 stone in 8 weeks (12 stone or a size 12 and over) or receive 100% of your money back.

Using our proven training system XR-2.5 – Cambridge Bootcamp – ‘Feel Fit Camp’ is guaranteed to give you the fastest, most effective, fat loss and toning results possible.

We understand that you can sometimes get unstuck and disinterested in training if it is the same repetitive training with hardly or no results to go with it. That is why we created this Bootcamp, you will feel the burn from your first session, and it will improve your cardiovascular fitness and muscular strength from the get-go as well as putting the fun back into your training.

The group that we have at the Bootcampwill help keep you motivated through the hard times. They are all likeminded and are working towards the same goal as you so you will have their full backing and support.

The different services that this boot camp provides are-
• Weight loss
• Fitness programs
• Boot camps
• Gym services

At T K Total fitness, we never recommend you do too much strenuous exercise. We understand that you dream of getting into shape,which makes you want to train hard and often as possible. But we believe rest, enjoyment and training little but hard is the correct way as you will be less at risk from injury and you will enjoy it more.
So if you want the join the most effective weight losing, fat burning and muscle toning Bootcamp in Cambridge give us a call on: 07852994625 or email us at tktotalfitness@outlook.com.

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